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Blue Ridge Parkway

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Scenic America has assembled the only comprehensive, nationwide scenic byways database. On each page, you’ll find a map showing the state’s All-American Roads, national, state, tribal, and federal agency byways, plus a downloadable PDF.


Connecticut State Route 169
Florida Keys Scenic Byway

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About Scenic Byways

In order to apply for a national scenic byway designation, a road must first be distinguished as a state, tribal, or federal agency scenic byway. National scenic byways designations recognize those roads across the country that exhibit one or more of six core intrinsic qualities— scenic, natural, historic, recreational, archaeological, or cultural– contributing to a unique travel experience. Nationwide, there are 184 national scenic byways, and nearly 1,300 state-designated scenic byways.

All-American Roads are the very best of the national scenic byways. An All-American Road must meet the same criteria as a national scenic byway but possess multiple intrinsic qualities that are of national significance and the byway must be considered a destination and reason for travel unto itself. There are 37 All-American Roads.