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Scenic America has been leading the fight to protect our nation’s scenic beauty and visual character for more than 40 years. We are the leading authority on scenic conservation issues, from billboard control to scenic byways to community planning.

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Our Legacy: More than 40 Years of Battling Billboard Blight

For more than 40 years, Scenic America has helped communities battle billboard blight. Our organization was founded in response to weak enforcement of the Highway Beautification Act, but over the years, we’ve evolved to be a leading force in the fight for keeping America beautiful. Learn more about our history.

Our History

Why Beauty Matters

In addition to marring the beauty of our communities, billboards, aboveground utility infrastructure, and irresponsible development negatively impact our health and wellness, property values, and the environment. Our growing body of research provides support for arguments against digital billboards and other intrusions.

Explore our collection of studies, white papers, and statistics from across the country to inform your research on the dangers and risks of scenic blight.

Research and white papers

Beauty is Good for Business

States, cities, and localities across the country have recognized how a community’s scenic qualities positively impact residents’ quality of life. Scenic beauty also makes destinations more appealing for tourism and economic development.

Case Studies

Story Idea: Quirky Byways for Summer Roadtrips

Hit the road this summer and explore the country along its most scenic routes. If you’re looking for summer vacation ideas, take a look at our list of road trip ideas along some of our most interesting and unusual scenic byways.

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Story Idea: Billboard Bans are Good for Business

Thanks in part to its ban on billboards, Vermont is a popular destination for beauty-seeking travelers. Learn more about the Green Mountain State’s scenic legacy.

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4 states ban billboards: Alaska, Hawaii, Maine & Vermont


More than 700 communities in the U.S. ban billboards.


We've scored 7+ legislative wins since 2019 alone.

Why Scenic Conservation

Learn more about scenic conservation, why it makes a difference, and why the topic is growing in importance in communities across the country as they grapple with development pressures, sign control, and other issues.

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