Energy Infrastructure and Equity

We’d rather see clear skies than utility wires.

With natural disasters and extreme weather events growing worse each year thanks to climate change, creating a resilient power grid has never been more important. Overhead wires raise aesthetic concerns while also threatening our safety and the integrity of our natural and built environments. Undergrounding utility infrastructure can improve the safety and aesthetics of our landscapes and communities. However, marginalized communities often suffer from inequitable exposure to unsightly energy infrastructure and a lack of awareness and investment in alternative energy sources.

Utilty Infrastructure Undergrounding

More than 180 million miles of electrical, telephone, and cable lines stretch across the United States. Moving wires underground increases safety and reliability, while also improving our visual environment.

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Undergrounding Case Studies

Learn about communities that have improved their resiliency and scenic beauty through undergrounding

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Undergrounding Resources and White Papers

Innovative technologies and advancements in utilities undergrounding that strengthen the power grid and add to scenic beauty

Undergrounding Resources and White Papers

Energy Equity

Scenic America works to ensure that all people and communities have access to clean energy and clear skies.

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