Scenic Los Angeles

Preserving, Protecting, and Enhancing Our City’s Scenic Beauty and Visual Character

Scenic Los Angeles works to eliminate sign blight, champion the undergrounding of utility infrastructure, preserve and expand public spaces, and promote scenic byways.

As a chapter of Scenic America, we believe our scenic resources should be valued and treated like other inherited treasures, as finite and irreplaceable, to be cherished and passed on to future generations.

Scenic Los Angeles is the leading voice advocating on behalf of many important issues including the establishment of federally recognized scenic byways, the reduction and elimination of sign/billboard blight, the undergrounding of utility lines, advocating for equitable public health and traffic safety policies, and preserving and enhancing our urban forest and open space – all elements that help to reduce blight and define our visual environment.


Why Scenic Beauty Matters

Los Angeles is a city that evokes many contradicting visuals. On one hand, it is synonymous with sunshine, palm trees, and surf-friendly beaches. On the other, it is the canvas for dystopic futures with massive billboards, smog-filled skies, and endless congestion on the freeways. All things can be true at the same time, and Los Angeles famously embodies both. However, data suggests less of the latter would lead to more of the former, and we believe that to be true.

Preserving and enhancing the scenic beauty and health of our environment directly correlates to healthier minds, individuals, and communities. That’s why we’re leading the charge to advocate for the removal of all outdoor advertising. Especially outdoor advertising which blots out natural connective tissue between humans and nature distracts travelers and pedestrians, which in turn leads to congested roadways and public rights of way. Not to mention the untold impacts being constantly bombarded with advertisements has on the human psyche. Additionally, an investment in enhancing the visual beauty of Los Angeles is crucial to the health and well-being of its residents, young and old.

Our Issues

We fight to keep Los Angeles neighborhoods and transportation corridors free from billboards and other visual blight. At the same time, we advocate for parks, gardens, and open space.

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