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Our nation’s scenic beauty is at risk

Throughout the country, our most cherished scenic resources and hometown assets are being obscured by a blizzard of monstrous billboards, badly sited telecommunications towers, a tangle of overhead lines, and a hodgepodge of visual clutter. Open space is being lost. Our natural and cultural heritage is being buried under unconstrained development and poorly designed transportation systems. America’s beauty and community character are being obliterated by a steel curtain of visual spam.


There are more than 439,000 billboard faces in the U.S.


20% are nonpermitted, nonconforming, or illegally modified.

Native Land Acknowlegement

Scenic America believes that all people deserve to live, work, and play in beautiful places—and we offer our gratitude to the Native peoples who teach us, by example, how to revere and respect the beauty all around us.

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Taking the Long View

Scenic America’s strategic white paper outlines our vision for each of our five areas of focus: preserving and enhancing community character, honoring parks and open space, celebrating America’s scenic byways, undergrounding utility infrastructure, and promoting beautiful highways.

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