Billboards & Sign Control

Let’s put a stop to billboard blight

Billboards do more than damage the scenic qualities of our communities. They distract drivers, bring down property values, and bombard us with marketing messages that we can’t avoid. But the $8 billion billboard industry is known for working behind the scenes, swaying decisionmakers to make policies that put more signs on our streets. We want this to stop.


What you can do about it

Unsafe and unsightly billboards destroy the visual character of our roadways and communities. That’s why Scenic America has fought for more than 40 years to stop their proliferation and encourage their removal. Today, four states and more than 700 communities ban billboards. If you’re concerned about billboard blight or a signage issue in your community, consult our resources or contact us for assistance.

Help Us Fight the Blight

Want to see fewer billboards in your community and along your roadways? Sign our petition and we’ll reach out when opportunities to take action come up.

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