Scenic Tennessee

Scenic Tennessee

Protecting Our Public Views

Founded in 1987, Scenic Tennessee is the only statewide citizens’ organization focused solely on issues affecting Tennessee’s scenic beauty. Our mission is to protect, promote and enhance the scenic character of the Volunteer State through education, advocacy and action. We work with partner organizations, businesses, citizens and policymakers to keep Tennessee looking her best, not only for those of us who live here, but for the millions of visitors who help keep our economy vibrant and sustainable. We invite you to join us.

Fall Creek Falls, by Jake Mosher

Preserving Tennessee’s Scenic Beauty for All People

Tennessee’s natural beauty is one of its greatest treasures. Our state is home to:

  • 13 national, state, and federal agency scenic byways
  • 13 national parks
  • 56 national parks
  • 31 national historic landmarks
  • 15 state forests
  • 2.4 million acres of public lands

These natural treasures drive tourism and economic development to all corners of the state.

About Scenic Tennessee

Learn about our history, board, and awards we’ve won.

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Our Issues

From litter to billboard control to viewshed preservation, Scenic Tennessee tackles major issues that impact our state.

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Our Impact

Through collaboration and support of our partners and supporters across the state, we have scored impressive wins. In 2022, we stopped a legislative effort that would put more digital billboards on our roadways. We also hosted the 2022 Scenic Symposium in partnership with Scenic America. We also launched an innovative project to catalog our state’s most inspiring and iconic vistas to better protect them from intrusive development. We invite you to learn more about our work and engage with us.