Tribal Byways
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About Tribal Scenic Byways

In addition to state scenic byways and national scenic byways, the National Scenic Byways Program provides grant funding opportunities for Tribal Scenic Byways. Representatives from tribal communities can apply for scenic byway status for their notable roadways to tap into such resources to spur economic development, job creation, and other benefits.

Scenic Ameria welcomes the opportunity to work with tribal communities to develop new tribal byways.

Byways with Significant Native American Connections

Native American Scenic Byway
Located in North and South Dakota, this 350-mile national scenic byway crosses the reservations of four tribes of Lakota Sioux: Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Cheyenne River, and Standing Rock. Its many memorial markers, monuments, museums, and sacred sites commemorate the heritage of the Sioux Nation and help you hear history from the Native American point of view.

Navajo Nation Scenic Byways
This collection of state and national scenic byways was developed in cooperation with the Navajo Nation. The five main roads are in or near historic tribal lands in Arizona, with other scenic roads nearby in the Four Corners Region

Fredonia-Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road
Kayenta-Monument Valley Scenic Road
Diné Tah (Among the People) Scenic Road
Tse’nikani-Flat Mesa Rock Scenic Road
Naat’tsis’aan-Navajo Mountain Scenic Road

Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway
This is the only tribal-designated byway in Washington State.

Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway
Located on the Bayfield Peninsula in northern Wisconsin, this byway passes through the reservation of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. Representatives from the tribe serve on the Scenic Byway Council and play an active role in stewarding the area’s natural resources.

Byways Passing through Tribal Land

There are 24 states in which at least one scenic byway passes through tribal lands. As of October 2021, there were 85 byways passing through tribal lands, including 22 national scenic byways and 63 state and other byways (including USFS, NPS, BLM, or Bureau of Indian Affairs-administered byways).


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Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway
Alaska Railroad State Scenic Byway
Sterling Highway State Scenic Byway
Walden Point Road State Scenic Byway
Prince of Wales Island Road System

Arizona (in addition to the Navajo Nation Scenic Byways listed above)
Coronado Trail National Scenic Byway
Historic Route 66 National Scenic Byway
Kaibab Plateau- North Rim National Scenic Byway
Red Rock Road National Scenic Byway
Sky Island Parkway National Scenic Byway
White River State Scenic Byway
White Mountain State Scenic Byway

Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway
Tracks Across Borders State Scenic Byway

Payette River National Scenic Byway
Elk River Backcountry State Scenic Byway
Gold Rush Historic State Scenic Byway
White Pine State Scenic Byway
Lake Coeur d’Alene State Scenic Byway

Iowa Lincoln Heritage National Scenic Byway

Glacial Hills State Scenic Byway

Wetlands State Cultural Byway
Toledo Bend Forest State Scenic Byway
Longleaf Trail State Scenic Byway

Katahdin Woods and Water National Scenic Byway
State Route 27 State Scenic Byway

Great River Road National Scenic Byway
Avenue of Pines State Scenic Byway
Lady Slipper State Scenic Byway
Lake Mille Lacs State Scenic Byway

Big Sky Backcountry Byway

Lewis and Clark State Scenic Byway
Outlaw Trail State Scenic Byway

Pyramid Lake National Scenic Byway
Gerlach Road State Scenic Byway
Pyramid Lake Road State Scenic Byway (State Route 445)
Sutcliffe/Nixon Road State Scenic Byway

New Jersey
Bayshore Heritage National Scenic Byway

New Mexico
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway
Route 66 National Scenic Byway
Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway
El Camino Real National Scenic Byway
Enchanted Circle State Scenic Byway
Tracks Across Borders State Scenic Byway
Puye Cliffs State Scenic Byway
The High Road to Taos State Scenic Byway

New York
Great Lakes Seaway National Scenic Byway
Scenic Route 20 State Scenic Byway
Revolutionary State Scenic Byway
Cayuga Lake State Scenic Byway

North Carolina
Blue Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway
Newfound Gap National Scenic Byway
Carolina Bay Lakes State Scenic Byway
Green Swamp State Scenic Byway
Lafayette’s Tour State Scenic Byway
Averasboro Battlefield State Scenic Byway
Colonial Heritage State Scenic Byway

North Dakota
Native American National Scenic Byway
Killdeer Mountain Four Bears State Scenic Byway
Turtle Mountain State Scenic Byway

Cherokee Hills National Scenic Byway
Wichita Mountains National Scenic Byway
Route 66 National Scenic Byway
Talimena Drive National Scenic Byway
Mount Pass State Scenic Byway
Osage Nation Heritage Trail

Myrtle Creek Canyonville Tour Road State Scenic Byway
Mary’s Peak to Pacific Coast State Scenic Byway

South Dakota
Native American National Scenic Byway
Badlands Loop State Scenic Byway

Trail of Ancients National Scenic Byway
Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway National Scenic Byway
Nine Mile Canyon Backway State Scenic Byway

Old Osborne Turnpike State Scenic Byway
Old Gravel Pit Farm Road State Scenic Byway
Sparta Road State Scenic Byway

Cascade Loop National Scenic Byway
Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway
Yakima State Scenic Byway
San Juan Island State Scenic Byway
Okanogan Trail State Scenic Byway
Columbia River Gorge State Scenic Byway
Cape Flattery State Scenic Byway

Wind River Canyon State Scenic Byway