East Camp Creek Lake Right-of-way Improvements
April 14, 2024

Concerned citizens from the residential area of 30A just east of Camp Creek Lake came to us at Scenic Walton looking for help. They were concerned about the safety and aesthetic issues being created by haphazard parking of cars and golf carts in the right-of-way in the area. We worked with these residents to propose a project to the Walton County Tourism Department to improve these conditions that was subsequently approved for funding. Extending approximately 1,100 feet east of Camp Creek Lake Road, this project includes installing a well for irrigation and hardscape/landscape beautification in the southern side right-of-way.  Utilities have been installed and landscaping is underway. We are proud to see this project coming to fruition and are grateful to the residents who spoke up and to Walton County for working with us to make this important improvement project happen.

After Implementing Landscape tactics


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