Spotlight on St. Joe/St. Joe Community Foundation
April 15, 2024

The St. Joe Company has been a part of our board of directors since inception of our organization. We are very thankful for their service on our board and their corporate support over the years. While St. Joe developments are some of the most well-planned and beautiful in the county, they are also a tremendous contributor to the community through the St. Joe Community Foundation. Learn more about the wonderful things they are doing at The foundation is one of our largest supporters through $150,000 in grant awards over the last three years. These grant funds are making our Walton Safe & Beautiful program to hire designers to put together plans for landscape projects throughout the county a huge success, and we are so grateful. This will leave a legacy of beautification and environmental impact in the years to come in addition to all of the other amazing programs and organizations they support through the foundation. 

Photo (left to right): Roger Hall, Scenic Walton President, April Wilkes, The St. Joe Community Foundation Executive Director, Leigh Moore, Scenic Walton Executive Director, John Stevenson, Scenic Walton Vice President

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