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Scenic Pittsburgh Awards

We hold up and celebrate people, places, organizations and businesses that prioritize good design, good development, and scenic beauty Read More

Scenic Pittsburgh Scenic Byways

Scenic Byway Designation and Support. We propose new scenic byways in our 10-county area and work to have them designated officially, allowing communities to access a wide range of new funding opportunities that support scenic and historic assets Read More

Scenic Pittsburgh Scenic Advocacy

Scenic Advocacy. We help citizens and community groups organize and advocate for the scenic values of their communities at council meetings and zoning board meetings Read More

Scenic Pittsburgh Our Scenic Issues

Scenic Pittsburgh supports public policy that protects the scenic quality of the environment. We take an interest in any cause that impacts the aesthetics of public space, from the protection of viewsheds, to the role of good design in scenic communities and buildings, to the mitigation of blight and improvement… Read More

About Scenic Pittsburgh

About Scenic Pittsburgh: we are a nonprofit organization that protects, enhances, and promotes the scenic beauty – both natural and built – of southwestern Pennsylvania. We empower SWPA communities to preserve beauty as an economic, social and public health asset so that they can thrive now and into the future. Read More

Scenic Pittsburgh What We Do

We believe that by leveraging the unique scenic and historic assets of southwestern Pennsylvania communities, we can boost this region’s economic success, bolster environmental sustainability, preserve our history and heritage, and improve the physical and mental health of our residents. Read More