Scenic Pittsburgh Zoning and Comprehensive Plans

We reach out to municipalities in our 10-county area to help them preserve and leverage their scenic resources through zoning, comprehensive planning, and other economic development strategies

We've been honored to work with the City of Latrobe on their zoning ordinance and Comprehensive Plan updates.

We understand that SWPA municipalities have unique challenges:

  • Falling populations and tax bases
  • Aging infrastructure and housing
  • Ongoing shift from heavy industry to “eds and meds,” tourism, and quality of life offerings
  • Competition for state and regional funding is challenging, especially for smaller municipalities

As a result:

  • Many communities lack the zoning expertise and administrative resources to make the most of their unique assets

Scenic Pittsburgh enables SWPA communities to respond to these challenges by offering strategic guidance on economic development, zoning and comprehensive plan updates. We look at where each community stands, and prioritize next steps that will support future economic development. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for your community.