EV Trip Planning: Road Tripping With Your Electric Vehicle
May 30, 2023
Image credit: Austin Neill, Unsplash

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an increasingly popular choice for everyday driving. But they can be excellent road trip vehicles, too! With advancements in battery technology and charging infrastructure, taking your EV on a road trip has never been easier. Here are some helpful tips on EV route planning and key considerations for your next journey.

Planning Your Route

The first step in EV trip planning is determining your EV’s range and identifying charging stations along your desired route. Once you have your road trip destination in mind, you can use tools like ABRP (A Better Route Planner) to plot your journey based on your vehicle model’s specific range and charging capabilities.

Remember to plan your stops around charging points, considering the amount of time it takes for your EV to recharge. Some apps like PlugShare offer real-time data on charging station availability and user reviews.

Maintaining Optimal Range

Driving speed, weight, and climate control usage can significantly affect your vehicle’s range. For optimal range:

  • Drive smoothly and maintain a moderate speed.
  • Limit the weight in your car to essential items.
  • Use climate control judiciously to save battery power.

Preparing for Emergencies

Life happens. Keep a portable charger handy for emergency situations. Also, consider signing up for roadside assistance services designed for EVs, such as AAA’s mobile EV charging. Remember to practice general road trip safety and preparedness, too.

Enjoying the Journey

One of the unique aspects of road tripping with an EV is the tranquility and smooth ride. Let the pleasant drive level up your experience as you take in America’s incredible natural beauty and visual character. Use the charging stops as an opportunity to explore local sights, try new foods, and reap the benefits of the nature around you. With a bit of careful planning, your EV road trip can be a memorable, fun-filled, and wonderfully scenic adventure.

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