Tell the Budget, Finance, and Innovation Committee to say ‘NO!’ to Metro’s Digital Billboard Scheme!

Late last year, LA City Council passed Metro’s TCN ordinance that will see a flood of digital signs on our streets if we do not act now! Recently, Councilmember DeLeon (CD14) introduced a motion that is bringing Metro TCN in front of the Budget, Finance, and Innovation Committee. His main concern is the distribution of the projected revenues, but as we informed all of you and all of the council last year, these projections won’t come true!

Now is the time to rally against TCN by contacting the members of the Budget, Finance, and Innovation Committee. Let them know that we will fight against this blight in our streets until the very end!

Use the form below to send a direct message to Councilmembers Blumenfield, Harris-Dawson, Yaroslavsky, Rodriguez, and McOsker, urging them to say ‘NO!’ to Metro’s digital billboard scheme!