TAKE ACTION: End Digital Billboard Blight

Help Scenic America stop the spread of digital billboards!

Outdoor advertising companies are working behind the scenes in City Hall and in the courts to ease signage ordinances and convert more standard billboards into digital screens. We want that to stop.

Billboards damage our communities by:

  • Lowering property values, which damages homeowners and reduces property tax rolls in the long run
  • Degrading the appearance and character of the city
  • Posing a safety hazard through driver distractions
  • Harming local ecosystems through light pollution, causing significant disruption to wildlife, and impacting human health

More than 700 towns in America have banned billboards, and states such as Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, and Vermont have banned billboards statewide. Multi-billion-dollar billboard companies use a community’s roads and infrastructure to make their money, while giving nothing back to the community, and usually paying ZERO business tax. Owners of the lots on which billboards are built will benefit modestly — but the costs of billboards impact EVERYONE in a community.

We urge you to speak out to keep digital billboards out of your community, and out of communities across the country so that future generations can enjoy our nation’s scenic beauty.