Public Opinion on Billboards

Each year, hundreds of communities seek tighter billboard controls — the surest sign that citizens are fed up with billboard blight. Though the industry claims billboards are essential providers of important information, polls reveal that they most people see them as ugly, intrusive and uninformative.

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Public Opinion Polls

Between 1957 and 1977, at least eight polls found 70% or more of respondents to be anti-billboard. In the 1990s, people in Florida, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Texas, Michigan, and Missouri all agreed that billboards are litter on a stick. In fact, virtually every credible poll that’s been done reveals one fact: Americans do not like billboards.

The Legacy of Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson, of course, was a special hero to Scenic America and the entire scenic conservation movement. She was our spiritual godmother and the inspiration for our work. We serve proudly as the guardian of her legacy.