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Scenic Nevada

Public Opinion

Surveys show that Nevada residents oppose additional billboards in their communities and along their roadways.

2011 Survey

Scenic Nevada funded a voter survey in 2011, following the Reno City Council’s announcement to pursue sign code changes to allow digital billboards. The study demonstrated that the vast majority of Reno voters opposed billboards, as noted in the final report.

It is clear to conclude from this survey that a majority of voters oppose changes that would allow digital billboards.
M.J. Ross Group



Voters who do not want to view a digital billboard from their home or office win...


Voters who believe there are enough or too many billboards in Reno already.


Voters who believe scenic character is important to preserve and protect.

2017 Survey

Scenic Nevada also commissioned a voter survey in 2017 as the Reno City Council was debating whether to enforce the people’s billboard ban approved by the voters in 2000. The survey found that Reno residents were unified in calling on the City Council to enforce the city’s ban on the construction of new billboards.

…decisive majorities concerned that billboards hurt the city’s aesthetic appeal, highway safety, and property values.
Justin Mayhew
Public Policy Polling



Voters concerned about distracted driving getting worse due to digital billboard...


Voters concerned that new billboards could decrease the value of their homes.


Voters who agree that billboards make Reno less attractive.