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Scenic Nevada

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Scenic Nevada is a volunteer-run organization that, since 2000, has worked through advocacy, outreach, and marketing to influence state lawmakers, local governments, and Nevada residents to preserve, protect and enhance the scenic character of our state. There are many opportunities to get involved and support our work.


Here are a few ways you can help. Contact us at to let us know how you’d like to contribute.

  • Join the communications team. Help get the word out through email alerts and newsletters, as well as social media channels. We also would love help keeping our website up to date, as a hub for residents who care about scenic issues. We are interested in trying new ways to reach people and galvanize Nevadans to take action to preserve our amazing landscapes for future generations.
  • Help with advocacy and outreach. Scenic Nevada volunteers make many appearances at public meetings and workshops to make sure that new laws and ordinances do not strip away scenic protections. Over the years, Scenic Nevada has been in Carson City at legislative hearings and at Washoe County Commission meetings, and Reno and Sparks city council meetings. It’s an empowering and thrilling way to see democracy in action!
  • Support the administrative tasks. How do we keep the lights on, the emails answered and the mailbox clear? Administrative volunteers! This is a critical role that allows the rest of the organization to keep moving forward.
  • Dive in to fund development, events, and partnerships. Scenic Nevada applies for and receives grants to help continue its work, but it also manages a membership base that contributes to the organization’s continued success. Help recruit new members, seek grant opportunities, and plan annual events like the Scenic Nevada annual meeting or introduce new ones.

Become a Member

Scenic Nevada’s members support the organization through their donations and participation in events. Scenic Nevada members get the latest updates about developments in the area of scenic preservation and are alerted to opportunities to speak up in public forums and meetings for the issues that matter to them. Membership donations are used to create advocacy and educational materials and organize events in support of scenic preservation. The suggested donation for a  standard membership is $30.

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Challenges to scenic protections continue to mount. Board members stand up in workshops and in courtrooms, at public meetings, and in legislative sessions. We partner with community organizations and leverage communications campaigns to keep policymakers, media outlets, and residents apprised of important preservation issues. Scenic Nevada is a 501(c)3 organization, tax ID 88-0451497, based out of Reno, gifts to which are deductible as charitable contributions for federal income purposes. With your donation, we can continue our advocacy work and educational efforts to protect this beautiful state of ours from senseless assaults on scenic views and community character.

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