Taking the Long View

Scenic America is proud to make our white paper, Taking the Long View: A Proposal for Realizing America the Beautiful, available as a free PDF download to our members and the public.

Click here to download Taking the Long View as a hi-resolution PDF.

Taking the Long View cover imageTaking the Long View was written by the Board of Directors and staff of Scenic America with help from allies and partners in the scenic conservation movement. It is part of our efforts to recognize the 50th anniversaries of the White House Conference on Natural Beauty and the Highway Beautification Act and honor the legacies of scenic visionaries like President and Lady Bird Johnson and Laurance S. Rockefeller.

We intend for Taking the Long View to serve as a blueprint for the work of Scenic America, our affiliates and the broader scenic conservation movement in the coming years. Each of its five overarching issue areas is illuminated by the challenges that we see most pressing and the solutions that we believe need to be implemented to address those challenges.

Please help multiply the impact of Taking the Long View by sharing the document with community organizations, public officials and other citizens who care about the visual environment.  We plan to create a Taking the Long View case study section here on our website, so please keep us informed of local instances where the challenges exist, the efforts to change are being made and the solutions are being implemented.

If you would like hard copies of Taking the Long View please contact us, we would be happy to provide them for the cost of shipping.