Super Scenic Showdown: Kansas City vs San Francisco
February 11, 2024

As the excitement builds for today’s Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, football fans and travel enthusiasts alike are gearing up for a weekend filled with thrilling plays and scenic sights. At Scenic America, we celebrate the breathtaking beauty that surrounds each city. Join us as we explore the scenic byways near Kansas City and San Francisco, making this Super Bowl weekend an unforgettable experience for fans seeking a picturesque adventure.

Scenic Byways Near Kansas City

The Ozark Run Scenic Byway

Through the Ozark Mountains of Missouri | Image by Spencer Imbrock, Unsplash

Any list of Missouri byways would be incomplete without The Ozark Run, the Show-Me State’s newest scenic byway. The product of Scenic Missouri’s Eric Hermanson, The Ozark Run features some of the state’s most breathtaking views of the Ozark Mountains, and winds through rolling hills, small towns, and mountain streams.

Glacial Hills Scenic Byway

Glacial Hills Scenic Byway travels north through Kansas from Kansas City | Image by Jimmy Emerson, Flickr

Nestled in the charming landscapes of northwest Missouri and Kansas, the Glacial Hills Scenic Byway offers a journey through rolling hills, vibrant farmlands, and picturesque small towns. Take a scenic drive through Weston, known for its historic charm and locally crafted goods.

Flint Hills Scenic Byway

Flint Hills Scenic Byway | Image by Brent Coulter, Shutterstock

For those who crave wide-open spaces and sweeping prairie vistas, the Flint Hills Scenic Byway is a must-visit. Just a short drive from Kansas City, this route takes you through the iconic Flint Hills, a unique ecosystem featuring tallgrass prairies and abundant wildlife.

Scenic Byways Near San Francisco

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) at southern end of Big Sur, California | Image by Doug Meek, Shutterstock

Often hailed as one of the most scenic drives in the world, the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) offers breathtaking views of the California coastline. Start your journey in San Francisco and make your way down to Half Moon Bay for stunning coastal panoramas.

Avenue of the Giants

Redwood Forest Highway, Avenue of the Giants, northern Califoria | Image by Art Boardman, Shutterstock

If towering redwoods and ancient forests captivate your imagination, the Avenue of the Giants is a must-see. Located in Northern California, this scenic byway immerses you in the majesty of the redwood trees, providing an awe-inspiring escape just a few hours from San Francisco.

As football fans from Kansas City and San Francisco gear up to cheer on their teams in the Super Bowl, we can all take the opportunity to explore the scenic byways that surround these vibrant cities. Whether you prefer the rolling hills of Missouri or the breathtaking coastlines of California, there’s a scenic route waiting to enhance your Super Bowl weekend with natural beauty and unforgettable landscapes. Cheers to a Super Scenic Showdown!