Scenic Chatham Celebrates First Annual Scenic Chatham Week
June 21, 2023
City Market, Savannah, Georgia. Image Credit: WikiMedia

Scenic America affiliate organization Scenic Chatham, which dedicates itself to preserving and enhancing the visual environment of coastal Georgia, celebrated the first annual ‘Scenic Chatham Week’ in early May. The week-long celebration, which began May 7 and lasted through May 13, was highlighted by a Certificate of Appreciation at Savannah City Hall on May 11.

‘Scenic Chatham Week’ is an effort to highlight the organization’s work in the coastal Georgia community, as well as emphasive and educate on the importance of gateways, street boarders, public park lands, roads and public areas, code compliance, and lighting. These principles are central to Scenic Chatham’s mission, and are of paramount concern to members of the community.

Forming in the Fall of 2018, the group, led by Ardis Wood, has garnered media attention for the work it does in the coastal Georgia communities within Chatham County, specifically around visual blight. “For years, the beauty of Chatham County had been eroded through poor planning practices, the construction of digital billboards, and the clear-cutting of trees along major highways and interstates to produce a jarring visual effect that detracts from the natural beauty of our County,” states the organization’s website.

Central to Scenic Chatham’s mission is the removal of billboard blight, preventing of clear cutting for billboard visibility, public beautification, and the preservation of distinct communities.

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