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We’re Opening the Denham Trail!

See our press release below.

a group of young men pose in front of a rebuilt stairway in a greenspace
The Landforce crew poses in front of the restored entrance of Denham Trail

New Trail and Greenspace Opens Saturday, October 22 Improving Access to Fineview Park

Project of the Fineview Citizens Council and Local Greenspace Partnership, “Denham Trail” Adds to Pittsburgh’s Trail System

Pittsburgh, PA–Scenic Pittsburgh, a nonprofit focused on protecting and preserving the scenic resources of southwestern Pennsylvania, will hold a joint opening event with the Fineview Citizens Council on Saturday, October 22 from 3 to 5 p.m. for a newly opened greenspace and trail.

The afternoon event “Goodies with Goats” will feature Allegheny Goatscape goats, as well as cider and donuts, and will provide area residents with a chance to learn more about the new space.

Denham Trail directly connects Denham and Lanark Streets via a single vacant lot, which lies just west of the recently renovated Fineview Park. The newly restored space features a repaired stairway, graded pathway, split-rail fencing, and native fruit-bearing trees. The lot is owned by the Fineview Citizens Council.

Joanna Deming, Executive Director of the Fineview Citizens Council, says “the Denham trail will make it easier for those living west of the park to access it, including the residents of Allegheny Dwellings.” Developing and improving blighted lots and connections throughout the neighborhood is a priority identified by the Fineview Community Plan,

Work on the Denham Trail was done by the Scenic Pittsburgh greenspace restoration partnership, which includes Allegheny Cleanways, Grounded, and Landforce. Allegheny Cleanways held a cleanup on the site before work began, and Grounded advised as to the greenspace needs in the Fineview neighborhood. Landforce crews cleared non-native and dead trees and brush, rebuilt steps on the west side of the lot, created a graded path, removed a damaged chain link fence, and installed split rail fencing. Scenic Pittsburgh staff are installing the native trees.

Support for the partnership and the restoration work comes from the Buhl Foundation.

Executive Director Mike Dawida notes that the June 2022 opening of the Fountain Street Overlook, also in Fineview, was the first project where Scenic Pittsburgh coordinated with all the greenspace partnership members, but that the Denham Trail is the first official project of the partnership.

Scenic Pittsburgh focuses on restoring a particular kind of lot: land that is not easily developed for housing or business, is often wooded and on steep-slope property, is either too small for traditional development or too large to be a simple neighborhood project, and represents a possible greenspace asset for the surrounding community.

“We are lucky to have a great community of nonprofit partners who work on greenspace restoration here in Pittsburgh, and we’re hopeful that this partnership can continue to help address vacant lots, which are a major source of our area’s visual blight and garbage,” he added.

“With our partners, we are transforming these lots into scenic community assets.”

About Scenic Pittsburgh: Scenic Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization that protects, enhances, and promotes the scenic beauty – both natural and built – of southwestern Pennsylvania. Our work is focused on the nexus where economic development, community health, and environmental and historic preservation meet. We serve the following counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Beaver, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington, and Westmoreland. Scenic Pittsburgh is a chapter of Scenic America, the nation’s premier scenic conservation organization. For more information, go to Scenic Pittsburgh – Scenic America

About Fineview Citizens Council: Fineview Citizens Council, a 501(c)3 organization on the Northside of Pittsburgh, seeks to improve the quality of life of all residents through the development of affordable and desirable housing, and redevelopment of vacant and blighted lots through public and private funds; to foster a strong sense of pride and ownership in the community; and to improve the health and well-being of all residents. For more information, go to fineviewpgh.org or ourfuturehilltop.org

You’re invited to our opening! See the goats, have some donuts and cider, and learn more about this new scenic asset in the Fineview neighborhood.

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