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How to Submit a Public Comment on STAP

You can write or paste a message** into the Council File comment box found here to oppose STAP contract approval and the new proposed LAMC language and the exemption of “certain approved structures from the prohibition of outdoor advertising structures in the public right-of-way.”  (Council File 20-1536)  

Click here to oppose the adoption of the MND as adequate compliance with CEQA and oppose the approval of the STAP contract. (Council File 20-1536 -S2)

Message to copy and paste into Council File comment box for CF 20-1536:

**    I join all my fellow Angelenos who support the provision of shade and shelter for transit riders BUT cannot support and strongly oppose the STAP program as proposed.  I urge the Council to reject the program.  The STAP program is a failed effort that will open up our public right-of-way to advertising structures citywide with its new LA Municipal Code language.  It is a Trojan Horse for advertising programs, not a transportation program.  Transit riders and our city deserve a program that guarantees more shelters, reinvestment of program funds for shelters, and no distracting digital changing messages. 

Send the program back to Public Works/StreetsLA.  It is not ready to be seriously considered.


Message to copy and paste into Council File comment box for CF 20-1536-S2:

**The City’s attempt to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND)  is an inappropriate attempt to avoid completion of an Environmental Impact Report as required under CEQA.  The City cannot justify approval of the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration.  The contract proposal based upon that MND, with its inclusion of a new LA Municipal Code to allow all kinds of outdoor advertising structures on our City’s public right-of-way should not be approved. The financial aspects of the program are not sound as noted in the CAO’s report and program elements presented to the public as part of STAP have now been removed from required elements and appear as secondary or options elements – demonstrating that Angelenos and transit riders in particular are victims of a bait and switch scheme that sought to create advertising opportunities instead of real and meaningful protections for transit riders.  Approval of an unfunded program is disingenuous.  The introduction of changing digital messages on our streets where Vision Zero is meant to be reducing needless deaths and injuries on our streets is particularly disturbing.  Send STAP back to Public Works/StreetsLA for true public input and  major reconsideration.

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