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Prince George’s County’s Vision for the Future Embraces Scenic Principles

Scenic Prince George’s is closely following County Executive Angela Alsobrooks’ plan for future development, which centered on the county’s four stations on Metro’s Blue Line. The plan was introduced in June 2021.

A rendering of the Blue Line Corridor

This economic development platform is designed to transform Prince George’s from a bedroom community to a dynamic residential and commercial center where more people both live and work. The plan aims to grow our tax base by attracting and retaining more commercial businesses and attracting more residents, particularly along the Blue Line Corridor. The plan also prioritizes placemaking principles to help our neighborhoods and communities retain their own distinctive and diverse personalities—making the county a more attractive destination for travelers as well.

“The vision is not just about the Blue Line Corridor—it is an opportunity to craft a replicable model for place-based economic development throughout the County,” the plan states. To illustrate this new vision for Prince George’s, Alsobrooks shared visuals providing a sense of what each of the targeted areas would look like under these proposed changes.

Scenic Prince George’s applauds this vision, which incorporates many of the scenic principles for which we advocate as a chapter of Scenic America. It prioritizes walkability, green space, utility undergrounding, and embraces community character and placemaking principles. As the plan moves forward, we will keep you apprised of opportunities to take action in support of key areas of this plan.  

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