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Billboard Bills to Watch

Scenic America is currently tracking bad billboard legislation in places such as Missouri, West Virginia, and Providence, Rhode Island.

Missouri House Bill 1115

This legislation currently under consideration modifies the existing language of a statute related to outdoor advertising to the benefit of billboard companies. If passed, it would revoke the authority of a city or a county to ban unsafe and unwanted outdoor advertising, handing more power to the vendors. Also, this legislation would discourage the creation of new scenic byways by mandating that all utilities along such routes be buried underground– a requirement that makes such designations cost-prohibitive for many potential roadways. See House Bill No. 1115 for more information. At the same time, a bill in the Missouri State Senate would allow billboard proliferation by suspending a billboard moratorium related to road construction work. Both of these bills could significantly impair scenic beauty in Missouri.

West Virginia House Bill 3104

This legislation proposes to amend West Virginia outdoor advertising laws so that almost all important limits on billboard advertising would be removed. If passed, billboards could be built directly next to schools, churches, cemeteries, parks, and playgrounds, and there would be few limits on the number and size of billboards constructed at a given location. This legislation would greatly increase visual pollution across the entire state.

Providence, RI Proposed Signage Amendment to the Code of Ordinances

The Providence City Council is currently considering an amendment to the Code of Ordinances that would allow for the conversion of traditional static billboards to digital message signs. Scenic America has been working with local scenic conservation leaders to push back against this proposal, and we will continue to track this legislation and will encourage supporters to take action to stop this damaging amendment.

Scenic America will continue to track this legislation and will encourage supporters to take action if need be.

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