Scenic-Friendly Legislation Advances in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Texas

Scenic America has been tracking promising legislation in several states, including bills that protect scenic roadways and restrict outdoor advertising.

In Oklahoma, state legislators recently passed Senate Bill 549, which strengthened rules that prevent the relocation or installation of outdoor advertising in communities. In Arkansas, legislators approved House Bill 1375, designating State Highway 5, known as the Hot Springs Extension, as a scenic highway.

A Pennsylvania measure prohibiting outdoor advertising near schools, parks, homes, or places of worship, has been referred to the state senate as Senate Bill 557. This legislation would create a new public hearing process for billboard proposals.

In Texas, House Bill 1908 is currently being worked on in the House. It has moved from the Transportation Committee and has been sent to the Local and Consent Calendars Committee. The Senate version of the bill, Senate Bill 941, has already passed by a 30-1 vote. This landmark legislation would create a state scenic highways program—a particularly exciting development, as Texas remains the only state without a state scenic byways program.

Scenic America applauds the Oklahoma legislature and the Arkansas legislature for their work to enhance the scenic beauty of and promote the economic development of their respective communities.

Scenic America endorses both Texas’s House Bill 1908 and Pennsylvania’s Senate Bill 557 and will continue to offer support to their state legislatures.