Scenic America Launches Agents of Discovery Mobile App

Scenic America is excited to announce the launch of an exciting new way to learn about scenic conservation. In partnership with Project Green Schools and Agents of Discovery, we have created a free mobile app in which users will be able to play informative, engaging games called “missions” that will challenge them to think and learn about the environment around them.

Follow your host, Sammy the Scenic Swan, on two location-specific missions set in Point State Park, Pittsburgh, PA and Bradenton, FL and on one non-location based mission that will take you through multiple challenges, including quizzes and mini-games, that provide lessons about different aspects of scenic conservation using real-world examples.

Join your host, Sammy the Scenic Swan, on these missions and learn all about scenic conservation!

Our Agents of Discovery app is a part of our broader educational mission, to educate the next generation about scenic conservation. We have created a classroom program guide for teachers to integrate our app into a scenic conservation curriculum and broader scenic education experience. Learn more about our Agents of Discovery mobile app here.

Ready to get started? Download our Agents of Discovery app here.