Scenic Pittsburgh Opens ‘Colwell Connector’, a Restored Greenspace in Downtown Pittsburgh
July 8, 2024

On June 20, Scenic America chapter Scenic Pittsburgh cut the ribbon on the Colwell Connector greenspace. The 2.2-acre piece of land was once an illegal dumping ground for trash and home to a massive amount of overgrown brush now connects local streets via paths through the beautiful greenspace. The park, which is about the area of a Manhattan city block in the Hillman District of downtown Pittsburgh, will be managed by Scenic Pittsburgh who will be leasing the property for the next two years.

Other nonprofit organizations including Allegheny Cleanways, Landforce, Grounded Strategies, The Hill District Cooperative, and Uptown Partners will be providing support in maintaining the space. This overall effort will cost $50,000 which includes the cost of supplies, labor, and new fruit trees. Scenic Pittsburgh received funding from the Hillman, Hunt, and Colcom Foundations to carry out this project.

With the amazing work done by Scenic Pittsburgh and the nonprofit organizations that worked on this project, the Hillman District can enjoy a new green area in the neighborhood. To ensure the park stays clean, local neighbors are encouraged to help pick up trash and to report illegal dumping in the area.

At Scenic America, one of our core beliefs is that everyone deserves access to stunning locations for business, leisure, and life. Projects like the Colwell Connector are a splendid example of showing the importance of placemaking in cities by adding aesthetic value and promoting urban biodiversity. By helping to improve air and water quality or promoting physical and mental health, greenspaces are a great way to improve various aspects of city living. A community’s beautiful features improve quality of life by fostering mental wellness, economic prosperity, and a sense of communal pride. Thanks to the efforts of Scenic Pittsburgh and the various organizations involved, the Hillman District can enjoy a greener, cleaner, more connective space.