Coming Soon to Florida Roads: Scenic Walton Successfully Funds Specialty License Plate
August 16, 2023

“It’s such a big deal. It’s a changing moment for us and for Walton County.”

Leigh Moore, executive director for Scenic Walton, could barely contain her excitement. After two years, the specialty Florida license plate that she and the other members of Scenic Walton have been working so hard to secure, had finally reached the 3,000 pre-registrations necessary to ensure its production.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out. I remember not too long ago seeing how far away we were to the 3,000 registrations we needed and wondering if we were ever going to get there,” said Moore. “Finding out that this is actually happening feels surreal.”

The specialty license plate is a partnership with 30A, an organization that supports Highway 30A, which runs through Walton County, FL. The plate features 30A’s signature cheerful sunshine logo, and is emblazoned with a powerful call-to-action along the bottom: “SUPPORT SCENIC WALTON.”

Mockup of Scenic Walton/30A specialty Florida license plate

3,000 vehicles in the state of Florida will soon bear the message, helping to both indirectly and indirectly promote scenic conservation in the Panhandle county between Destin and Panama City. At a cost of $33 per driver, the specialty plate’s annual registration contributes $25 directly to Scenic Walton. With 3,000 plates already registered, the simple math is not lost on Moore.

“When all is said and done, we’re looking at upwards of $75k going directly to the organization. It’s huge, and with annual renewal, it’s an impact that we can expect into the future.”

The Scenic Walton/30A plates are expected to begin arriving to Florida drivers as early as this winter. Florida residents may still register to receive a Scenic Walton/30A license plate, and help contribute to scenic conservation in Walton County.

The teams at Scenic Walton and The 30A Company would like to thank everyone for supporting the charity license plate project, including The J.W. Couch Foundation; Rhonda Skipper, Katie Grimm, Artie Rodriguez and all of the other wonderful Walton County team members who we’ve worked with along the way; countless members of our community who shared word on their massive platforms, including Jessica Lynn Fay, Jessica Proffitt Bracken, Lori Smith of Destin Life and SoWal Life, and many more; Jake Meyer of I Will Design For Food, Inc. who designed the tag; and Paula Stanfield at the Division of Motorist Services in Tallahassee. Finally, we would like to sincerely thank our district state legislators, Representative Brad Drake and Senator George B. Gainer, for sponsoring Senate Bill 676, and to Governor Ron DeSantis for signing the bill to create the new tags. Everyone’s hard work on this project will no doubt have a long and lasting impact on our home!

Scenic Walton was formed in 2008 by a dedicated group of business owners and residents. Scenic Walton is a 501c(3) non-profit that works with the community and elected officials to preserve the natural beauty of Walton County, while also increasing pedestrian and cyclist safety.

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