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Los Angeles Bus Shelter Digital Screen Plan Moves Forward

StreetsLA Shares Next Steps for Bus Shelter Program

JC DeCeaux bus shelter demo
JC DeCeaux’s proposed bus shelter

After holding a handful of public demonstrations of future bus shelter designs in July, StreetsLA announced the next steps in the Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program. The STAP program envisions new designs for bus shelters in more than 3,000 locations across the city—and many of them will be outfitted with distracting and dangerous digital advertising screens. Pictures of the two prototypes are posted here.  

The proposed designs were met with criticism and skepticism from many LA residents, including Scenic Los Angeles members and supporters, who further questioned how the program had been allowed to advance without traffic safety studies, which had been promised.

In an email to concerned parties, StreetsLA indicated that it would spend the month of August evaluating the proposals from the two finalists, Tranzito and JC Deceaux. Negotiations with the top contender are expected to run through the end of October, with a contract prepared for City Council approval by December. The program would begin on January 1, 2022. 

Tranzito bus shelter
Tranzito’s proposed bus shelter design

StreetsLA further stated that it would hold another series of public information sessions to answer questions starting in September. As August draws to a close, no dates have been announced. Scenic Los Angeles will continue to follow this project and will keep followers apprised of these planned sessions.

In the meantime, we urge you to voice your concerns about this project as it quickly advances. Simply fill out this form to generate a message to City Council and the Department of Public Works urging a traffic safety study and more opportunities for resident input before it’s too late. 

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