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Scenic Pittsburgh to Present Two Scenic Awards in 2021

September 23 Ceremony at Pittsburgh’s Highline to Recognize Indovina Associates Architects’ Scenic Accomplishments; November 6 Ceremony to Highlight the City of Ligonier

Pittsburgh, PA–Scenic Pittsburgh, a nonprofit focused on protecting and preserving the scenic resources of southwestern Pennsylvania, has announced they will present two Scenic Awards in 2021.

The Award for Scenic Achievement will be given to the Pittsburgh firm Indovina Associates Architects at a ceremony at Pittsburgh’s Highline on the South Side on Thursday, September 23. The award honors a business or organization that has shown a “consistent, long-term, and visionary commitment to protecting and promoting the region’s scenic resources.”

Indovina Associates Architects’ work often incorporates scenic and green elements and creates unique public spaces. Their portfolio includes the PPG Aquarium at the Pittsburgh Zoo, the Carnegie Science Center PPG Science Pavilion, the Barco Roof Garden at the University of Pittsburgh, the Green Roof at the David Lawrence Convention Center, and the newly opened Highline on the South Side.

Scenic Pittsburgh Executive Director Michael Dawida oversaw many public design and building projects during his time as state representative, state senator and Allegheny County Commissioner, and says that the choice of Indovina Associates as a Scenic Award recipient was an easy one for the organization.

“This firm has given our region so many outstanding scenic and cultural assets through their design work,” he said. “There’s no question that they have greatly contributed to Pittsburgh’s scenic beauty and attractive greenspaces and are a leading example of the high aesthetic and environmental standards we advocate for.”

Ryan Indovina, principal of Indovina Associates, said the firm was pleased to be recognized for their many decades of innovative design.

“The conversion of the Terminal Warehouse complex for McKnight Realty Partners represented a unique opportunity for combining our firm’s knowledge and experience in adaptive reuse with creating beautiful outdoor landscape spaces,” he said. “We are therefore extremely appreciative of Scenic Pittsburgh’s recognition of The Highline as a distinctive addition to the Pittsburgh architectural and natural landscape in keeping with its core mission.”

“Since the firm’s inception in 1978, Indovina Associates has had the opportunity to contribute a vast array of projects to the ever-evolving architectural landscape in Western Pennsylvania. We are thrilled to be part of the next leap in Pittsburgh’s architectural growth as new technologies and typologies become more vital to the region’s architectural landscape,” he added.

The award ceremony at The Highline will begin at 5 p.m. outside overlooking the city of Pittsburgh, during which representatives from Indovina and McKnight Realty, the owner of The Highline development, will speak. In case of inclement weather, the ceremony will take place in the West Lobby.

On Saturday, November 6 at the Diamond in downtown Ligonier, Scenic Pittsburgh’s Community Scenic Achievement Award will be given to the Borough of Ligonier during the “Fall into Ligonier” restaurant tasting event.

The award is given to a southwestern Pennsylvania community that has demonstrated “a consistent, long-term, and visionary commitment to protecting and promoting their scenic resources.”

Dawida said that when considering award winners, Scenic Pittsburgh looked at Ligonier’s history of preservation and renewal of its historic Diamond and shopping district, and the town’s longtime commitment to leveraging its greenspaces and history.

“Ligonier has long been known as a scenic town, and they’ve worked hard to preserve what makes them unique – as well as being a leader in using their history as an asset for economic development in the area,” he said.

Ligonier Mayor Ormond “Butch” Bellas said the borough’s leaders are looking forward to celebrating Scenic Pittsburgh’s recognition in its historic Diamond, which underwent a complete renewal concluding in 2020.

“Ligonier catches the eye of travelers because of its ‘Hallmark Card’ appearance, and once they stop, people find they enjoy our small-town charm,” said Mayor Bellas. “I am honored to accept this award on behalf of the Borough, and pleased that Ligonier is being recognized for its beauty.”

Dawida says both award winners exemplify the scenic values, and the positive economic consequences of those values, that his organization is hoping to promote across the region.

“Our motto is that beauty is good for business, and I think Indovina Associates and the leaders of Ligonier understand that principle – and it shows,” he said. “As a result, their enduring work has benefited our region and will continue to benefit future generations in Pennsylvania.”

For more information about Scenic Pittsburgh’s Awards, or to nominate a group or individual for an award, go to Scenic Pittsburgh Awards – Scenic America

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