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Scenic America Partners with JWC Studios on New Video Series

Scenic America has teamed up with a newly launched philanthropic production company to create a compelling collection of videos and stunning images that showcase the natural beauty of the nation, beginning with a video focusing on Walton County, Florida. These media assets will be featured in campaigns to attract additional supporters and donors to the scenic conservation cause.

This partnership represents the official launch of JWC Studios, the video and multimedia production division of the J.W. Couch Foundation. JWC Studios is a charitable program building its business with a unique philanthropic goal in mind: to create compelling video and multimedia assets to help non-profit organizations achieve their missions without incurring significant costs.

“For nonprofits that are trying to attract new donors and supporters, storytelling is everything. You need great photos and videos to help tell those stories, but those assets can be expensive and time-consuming to create,” said Sean Couch, president of JWC Studios. “We’re introducing a new take on philanthropy by making those services available to qualifying nonprofits at no cost.”

“Before partnering with JWC Studios, we had very few high-value communications assets. Sean and his team helped us tell a beautiful local story about Walton, and they created stunning on-brand digital assets that we can use for marketing campaigns and other efforts,” said Scenic America President Mark Falzone.

Following the release of the Walton materials, JWC Studios will continue to work with Scenic America to highlight other chapters and regions of the country.

JWC Studios is backed by the J.W. Couch Foundation, a Houston-based family foundation that supports programs focused on environmental conservation, historic preservation, wellness and mental health, and education. JWC Studios will continue its support of Scenic America by developing similar assets for other regional chapters in 2021.  Nonprofits interested in applying for media production grants for additional projects may visit

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