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Tell your Representative: Ensure Scenic Beauty is a Priority in the INVEST Act

We want to ask you to take urgent action on behalf of our scenic byways—and much more. Time is short, and the stakes are high. The U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee just introduced the “INVEST in America Act,” H.R. 7095, which funds our country’s highways for the next five years and will shape our nation’s infrastructure for decades to come.

The Committee plans to consider changes to the bill Wednesday, June 17, and we need your help now to ensure that Scenic America priorities are included. We are asking you to reach out to your Representative to ask them to ensure thesepriorities are written into the bill to help protect the nation’s irreplaceable scenic resources.

There are several changes we need to see, including:

  • Ensure the nation’s Scenic Byways are funded. It has been 8 years since funding was available to support Scenic Byways, which serve as an economic driver and job creator to communities that need it the most. Scenic Byways need financial support now to help expand job creation and protect our environment.

Last year, YOU helped get the Reviving America’s Scenic Byways Act signed into law (P.L. 116-57). It is imperative this program receive funding to allow new and existing byways help create new jobs and expand economic development.

  • Protect Public Trees and Landowner Rights. Across the country, landowner rights are trampled when private sector companies cut down public trees on public lands for their own use. We need changes so that these trees are protected, and landowner rights honored.
  • Support Gateway Communities and Encourage Underground Wiring. Gateway communities are those just outside major scenic attractions like state parks, and they need support to ensure their residents see the maximum benefit. We also want to allow emergency funds to be used to underground utility wires after a weather event, wildfire, or other disaster to preserve and protect our communities.

The INVEST in America Act will be reviewed on Wednesday, June 17, which means we need to act now. Please contact your representative, and voice your support for these programs, so that we can protect our Scenic Byways and the communities they serve for generations to come.

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