As mayor, you’ll have to decide how to respond to requests made by citizens and interested parties. After each decision, scroll back up to see the changes you made!

Youville Census

First thing's first: how big is Youville?

1600 (Rural)

14,000 (Suburban)

325,000 (Urban)

Youville Design Review Committee

Mrs. Hernandez is here to suggest some regulations on building styles. Should we implement a design review program?

Yes, and let's make it a strong one.

Yes, but let's not go overboard.

No, let people build however they want.

Youville Dept. of Public Works

We need your go-ahead to repave the sidewalk on Main Street this year.


What if we did something with bricks?

Who needs sidewalks?

Mrs. Watson's Fourth Grade Class

Mrs. Watson would like to celebrate Earth Day this year by having her class plant trees along Main Street.

Go ahead.

Great idea! Let's get volunteers to help!

Not on my watch!

People For the Advancement of Feline Rights

Mr. Snootibaker is complaining that the signs on Main St. are scaring his "princess."

We'll restrict how signs can be displayed.

We're not changing signs for a cat.

I'm really more of a dog person.

Taco Trumpet

A representative from Taco Trumpet would like clearance to build a new franchise in Youville.

Dollar tacos? Do whatever it takes.

Yes, but only in existing real-estate.

Youville is a franchise-free zone.

Herizon Wireless

A representative from Herizon Wireless wants to build a cell phone tower in Youville.

Why not?

You'll need to disguise it.

And ruin our skyline? I don't think so.

Bluster Marketing, Inc.

A man from Bluster Marketing wants to make a deal to build some billboards.


No way!

No. But do you do murals?

Youville Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Davis from the Chamber of Commerce wants to do something about a vacant lot near one of his stores.

But I like that vacant lot.

How about a new building?

How about a new park?