Model Legislation

Our challenge is to work with those who champion reform — citizens, far-sighted state transportation officials, and national leadership organizations — to accelerate adoption of context-sensitive design by states.

In this sample legislation, citizens can advocate for context-sensitive design through their state legislatures. State legislators can accelerate reform in highway design by promoting context-sensitive design and, where needed, by adopting legislation that requires that every road project in their state will (a) fully involve citizens who are affected by the design or re-design of that road; and (b) reflect sensitivity to the environment, to aesthetics and to the character of place.

Legislators need to be aware of the efforts, if any, underway in their DOT’s to incorporate context-sensitive design and find ways to support this progress. They may also want to adopt the statement of policy in Sec. A and discuss with the DOT the need for Sec. B in their particular state.

Download the Model CSS Legislation.