Scenic Byways Benefit Local Economies

State scenic byways programs across the country are helping communities to protect and promote the beauty of America’s back roads.

Strong scenic byways programs preserve the beauty of the designated scenic corridors, which reaps rewards by protecting community character while providing economic opportunities in tourism and recreation.

An increasing number of studies demonstrate the economic benefits to identifying, protecting, and promoting scenic byways. Here’s a sampling:

The Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia/North Carolina

Visitors spent $1.8 billion in counties adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway, according to a 1995-96 study. These expenditures resulted in over $147 million in tax revenues and supported more than 74,614 jobs in the region.

Forty percent of American adults drive for pleasure.

This makes driving the second favorite recreation activity of American adults, second only to walking.

Vermont Scenic Byways

Travelers from out of state who drove Vermont Scenic Byways for the scenic drive or sightseeing spent 25% more per day than those traveling for other reasons.

Colorado Scenic Byways

A survey of tourism-related businesses along two scenic byways in Colorado showed that a majority of business owners estimated a 10% increase in sales due to byway designation.