Smart Growth: An Alternative to Sprawl


Aesthetics, Community Character and the Law

“Sprawl” — a short word for a long list of afflictions, including rapid consumption of open space, prime farmland, forests, historic sites, and scenic landscapes; traffic-clogged highways; urban divestment; and loss of community and quality of life.

Unplanned growth threatens to destroy America’s natural beauty and distinctive community character, undermining our sense of place. Not only is sprawl expensive and wasteful, environmentally damaging and socially divisive; sprawl is also ugly.

The alternative to sprawl is smart growth.

Smart growth initiatives recognize the relationship between development patterns and quality of life. The visual quality of our communities is a basic building block for healthy, vibrant, and beautiful neighborhoods. By applying smart growth strategies, local citizens can fight haphazard sprawl and create communities that reflect their unique character and are a source of pride and inspiration for residents and visitors alike. Scenic America favors growth that is attractive, affordable, accessible, equitable, and good for our environment.

Scenic America is dedicated to helping local citizens apply smart strategies to achieve better visual quality.