Scenic Conservation Issues

Scenic America has historically worked on a wide range of issues related to scenic conservation.  You can find more information about our work and activities using the links to the issue areas below.

Scenic Byways

Learn all about the National Scenic Byways program administered through the Federal Highway administration, including what you can do to contribute!

Tree Conservation

Learn how tree conservation can have positive environmental, economic and health benefits for communities as well as what you can do to help.

Community Planning & Design

The appearance of our neighborhoods is important in determining how we feel about them. Learn more about how to get active in your community’s design here.

Scenic Easements & View Protection

Learn more about scenic easements, how they support scenic conservation, and how you can get involved here.

Telecommunication Towers

As telecommunication towers become more numerous, they contribute more to visual pollution. Learn more about creative solutions and how you can get involved here.

Transportation Planning

Carefully planning development is an important step in building a community you can be proud of. Learn more about how context sensitive solutions can help here!

Underground Utility Wires

Did you know above ground utility wires are not only unsightly, but also dangerous and unnecessarily costly to maintain? Learn more about the alternatives here.