Tools for Action

Nothing destroys the distinctive character of our communities and the natural beauty of our countryside more rapidly than uncontrolled signs and billboards, which is why Scenic America encourages communities to adopt ordinances to stop the construction of new billboards.

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Alcohol Advertising on Billboards

One means of improving the visual quality of a community, while also serving to reduce alcohol consumption by minors, is to adopt an ordinance to prohibit billboards that advertise alcohol.

Alternatives to Billboards

Billboards are not essential because more efficient alternatives exist. The most common are logo signs and tourist-oriented direction signs (TODS). With the available alternatives, billboards are unnecessary.

Communities Prohibiting Billboards

Many communities have chosen to regulate billboards and enhance their scenic character.

Model Billboard Legislation

Scenic America believes that stopping new billboard construction is the single most effective way to stop billboard blight from getting worse.

Tools for Sign Control

Communities and states are fighting back against billboards. Despite industry efforts, many communities have managed substantial victories which provide hope and examples for those pursuing billboard reform.