Billboard Laws

The courts have upheld the rights of government entities to regulate, and even ban, billboards on both safety and aesthetic grounds.

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Important Legal Cases

The billboard industry is one of the most litigious in the country, and they do not hesitate to threaten communities with lawsuits to get or keep their signs up.  Many sign battles have played out in the courts, here are some of the more important ongoing and settled ones.

Guidance on Destroyed Signs

The Department of Transportation (DOT) of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has issued a guideline to help states determine the definition of a “destroyed sign.”

Trees, Billboards and the Right to be Seen From the Road

Cutting the public’s trees on the right-of-way to provide a better view of billboards gives rise to several questions. What is the relationship between the outdoor advertising business and the roadway?

Should Billboards be Subject to Road User Fees?

Road user fees are a well established concept in the United States, with almost $23 billion being collected by federal, state, and local governmental units for this purpose in 1979.

Takings and Amortization in the Billboard Control Issue

Reducing billboard clutter in a community is a difficult task, and one that is bitterly opposed by the outdoor advertising industry.

Billboards, Aesthetics and Police Power

Judicial attitudes towards aesthetics have shifted rather dramatically during the past century from one of outright hostility to general recognition of aesthetics as a sole justification for use of the police power.