Scenic Pittsburgh Future Hill District Greenspace Restoration Projects

We explored several other sites in the Hill District as candidates for greenspace restoration. These included two sites we believe have great potential as greenspaces for the community.

Both sites have been chosen with reference to the The Hill District Greenprint (2009), Greater Hill District Master Plan (2011) and the Hill District Vacant Property Strategy (2013), and will take into account the emerging Greater Hill District Master Plan from the City of Pittsburgh. This work would be undertaken in an effort to help realize the “Village in the Woods” concept laid forth in Greenprint. We undertake any of the below work in accord with the goals of contributing to the restoration of the fabric of the Hill District community, providing opportunities for Hill District residents and serving as a catalyst for market-driven investment throughout the neighborhood.

We have consulted community leaders in the development of this proposal and will continue to seek the input and consensus of the larger Hill District community as this project proceeds.

Site 1

  • Wick Street, adjacent to the entrance to Diaz Way. Diaz Way, the steps from Lombard and those down to Colwell, and many of the adjacent lots are a future planned greenspace, designated as “wild woodlands,” in the Greenprint and Master Plan. The potential for greenspace development in this area is significant. It is heavily wooded, is surrounded mostly by vacant property owned by the city, and encompasses several acres. Diaz Way itself is in good shape and could be a walking/biking path with relatively little investment.

    The lots on Wick Street we are considering (nine contiguous properties in Phase I, hopefully adding further adjacent lots in Phase II, see map) would serve as a gateway to the future Diaz Way project, and we are hoping it could also serve to kickstart greenspace development in this area – both by Scenic Pittsburgh as well as other organizations.

Site 2

Arcena Street and Ledlie Street, near the reservoir. The green space of eight contiguous lots that extends across the edge of the viewshed overlooking Bigelow Boulevard has long been a targeted potential greenspace, owing to the incredible view and the fact that any resulting space would serve nearby Bedford Dwellings and the ongoing housing development in this area.