Scenic Education Resources for Teachers

Scenic America provides a wide variety of scenic education resources. To get the greatest education value, we offer a three-part program. A full list of education resources can be found at our Project Green Schools Partner Site.

Part 1: An Introduction to Scenic Conservation

These lesson plans and tools will teach students the basic principles of scenic conservation. The lessons are designed for primary school students, but can be adapted for a wider audience.




Part 2: Using Agents of Discovery to Learn About Scenic Conservation

To get started, use a mobile device (iOS or Android compatible) and go to the Agents of Discovery website here or search for it on the App Store or Google Play.

Instructions on how to use Agents of Discovery to complete the Scenic America missions can be found here.

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A Note on Viewing Challenges Remotely:

To get the the full learning experience we recommend visiting mission locations. There is an alternate way to use the missions, which will allow you to view the challenges without being on-location. When you open the Agents of Discovery app, click and hold the Agents of Discovery logo on the home screen. After 10 seconds, you will see a message saying “preview mode enabled.” Then search for the Scenic America missions, and you will be able to open them and have access to all the challenges.

Part 3: Extending Scenic Conservation Lessons

Here are more ways to learn about scenic conservation:

More Apps to Try

  • Geocaching: Go exploring!
  • AirVisual: See in real-time what the quality of the air looks like in your community.


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