Model Zoning Ordinances

Here at Scenic Pittsburgh, we believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful, scenic community. However, not all communities know where to start when it comes to creating standards that protect their scenic resources.

That’s why we offer the below Model Zoning Ordinances as freely available resources to all. These ordinances can serve as guidelines for individuals and communities who are hoping to develop sound scenic policy.

While these ordinances can be used without our input, Scenic Pittsburgh is here to help! We encourage you to contact us if you would like assistance in customizing these model zoning ordinances for your community.

“Good Neighbor” Agreements

Agreement Between Neighboring Municipalities to Respect the Zoning Code  of the other Municipality within Range of the Municipal Border

Complete Sign Ordinance Proposal

Definition of Sign Types

Moratorium on Signs and Advertising Signs

Moratorium on All Signs

Moratorium on All Advertising Signs

Outdoor Advertising Sign Tax Legislation