Zoning and Billboard Consulting

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We reach out to muncipalities in our 10-county area to help them defend their scenic resources through zoning, strategic planning, and other legislation.

Zoning. Zoning is the most powerful tool most communities have to preserve their scenic assets, prevent blight and asset destruction, and encourage development for a scenic future. We offer advice to any organization, individual or community on how to effectively update your zoning code, or create a new one, that reflects your community’s scenic values. We also offer counsel on how to handle zoning disputes.

Billboards. Billboards have a hugely negative effect on communities – reducing property values and scenic beauty. We are regional leaders in understanding the negative impact of billboards on scenic values, and how communities can protect themselves from multi-billion-dollar billboard companies. We offer advice on how to handle billboard disputes – and avoid them.

We subscribe to two main philosophies when developing solutions to scenic issues:

  • Legislation before litigation: Scenic Pittsburgh encourages community leaders to be proactive in combating scenic issues. Having laws and plans in place is the best way for a community to control their scenic environment.
  • Beauty is good for business, human health, and the environment. Ultimately visual blight negatively impacts every aspect of the vitality of a community, and prevents community development and recovery.

Services we offer:

  • Direct consultation with civic leaders and public officials regarding scenic policy
  • Education regarding the benefits scenic conservation to community groups, civic leaders, and policy makers
  • Community organizing around scenic conservation issues
  • Model legislation for signage control, tree cutting, scenic byways, scenic easements and view protection, telecommunications towers and utility wires, and light and sound pollution

We offer more in-depth services for a fee, or through custom partnerships with local nonprofits in order to secure grants. If you, or your community, needs support regarding zoning, a scenic asset or deficiency, please contact Scenic Pittsburgh’s Assistant Director, David Demko, by email or by phone at 412-478-1621.