Signature Issues

Find out more about our signature issues:

  • Billboard Companies’ Fair Share
  • CleanPGH Plan

Scenic Pittsburgh supports public policy that protects the scenic quality of the environment. We take an interest in any cause that impacts the aesthetics of public space, from the protection of viewsheds, to the role of good design in scenic communities and buildings, to the mitigation of blight and improvement of vacant lots.

Scenic Pittsburgh’s signature issues:

  • Sign Proliferation. Oversized signs, especially electronic billboards represent one of the gravest threats to scenic landscapes and communities
  • Greenspace Restoration. Usable greenspaces enhance the quality of life by providing a connection to nature, recreational opportunities, and natural infrastructure services
  • Scenic Advocacy. We are a voice for public space, testifying to the importance of context-sensitive development to community character, safety, and property values
  • Zoning Code Guidance and Consultation. We work with municipalities to update their zoning codes with scenic preservation in mind
  • Building Design Standards. We encourage high standards of aesthetic design in urban planning and building construction
  • Light Pollution. Created by exterior lighting and advertising signage, light pollution is a major contributor to the destruction of scenic values
  • Telecommunications Towers and Utility Wires. Wires and cell towers obscure the natural and architectural character of our neighborhoods
  • Preservation and Placemaking. We promote historic preservation and the creation of places worthy of our affection
To learn more about the issues we fight for, and why beauty is good for business, please visit our full website.