Scenic Pittsburgh's Mission

Scenic Pittsburgh’s mission is to protect, preserve and promote the scenic resources—both natural and built—of southwestern Pennsylvania.


  • As ardent supporters of scenic beauty, Scenic Pittsburgh leverages the principles of scenic conservation as tools for economic growth, community engagement, and overall regional vitality.
  • Scenic Pittsburgh champions legislation that limits visual blight, creates sound scenic policy, and promotes smart, sustainable place-making.
  • Scenic Pittsburgh identifies and monitors visual pollution, outdoor advertising, and other scenic detractors as a means of promoting a healthy, vibrant region.
  • Scenic Pittsburgh serves as the public voice for public space in order to ensure fair and equal representation in all issues related to the scenic environment.


  • Scenic Pittsburgh works to ensure that the beauty of the region’s mountains, rivers, vistas, and neighborhoods continues to enrich the lives of future generations by preserving the natural and man-made environment through targeted support and smart legislation,


  • Scenic Pittsburgh partners with organizations, community leaders, and citizens throughout southwestern Pennsylvania to promote the many exceptional and unique scenic resources of the region.
  • By encouraging residents and visitors to enjoy the viewsheds, greenspace, waterways, and neighborhoods characteristic of southwestern Pennsylvania, Scenic Pittsburgh works to establish scenic conservation as a driving cultural value within the community.