Scenic Pittsburgh's Mission

Scenic Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization that protects, enhances, and promotes the scenic beauty – both natural and built – of southwestern Pennsylvania. Our work is focused on the nexus where economic development, community health, and environmental and historic preservation meet.  

Since our founding in 2010, we have become the foremost advocate, authority and champion of scenic preservation. Over the last year, we have expanded our programming and outreach efforts in response to what we have seen as a growing need for our work in our 10-county area.

In response to the COVID crisis and the increased national focus on communities of color and those experiencing economic disinvestment, we are also turning our outreach efforts to two overlapping groups of communities: those that are currently in, or about to pass into, Act 47 status; and those that meet federal and state criteria for being low- to moderate-income.

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  • As ardent supporters of scenic beauty, Scenic Pittsburgh leverages the principles of scenic conservation as tools for economic growth, community engagement, and overall regional vitality.
  • Scenic Pittsburgh champions legislation that limits visual blight, creates sound scenic policy, and promotes smart, sustainable place-making.
  • Scenic Pittsburgh identifies and monitors visual pollution, outdoor advertising, and other scenic detractors as a means of promoting a healthy, vibrant region.
  • Scenic Pittsburgh serves as the public voice for public space in order to ensure fair and equal representation in all issues related to the scenic environment.


  • Scenic Pittsburgh works to ensure that the beauty of the region’s mountains, rivers, vistas, and neighborhoods continues to enrich the lives of future generations by preserving the natural and man-made environment through targeted support and smart legislation,


  • Scenic Pittsburgh partners with organizations, community leaders, and citizens throughout southwestern Pennsylvania to promote the many exceptional and unique scenic resources of the region.
  • By encouraging residents and visitors to enjoy the viewsheds, greenspace, waterways, and neighborhoods characteristic of southwestern Pennsylvania, Scenic Pittsburgh works to establish scenic conservation as a driving cultural value within the community.