Scenic Nevada Digital Billboard Lawsuit

Scenic Nevada sued the city of Reno in 2012 following the city council vote to approve digital billboards, despite a vote of the people in 2000 that prohibits new billboard construction and new permits. We asked the court to void the ordinance because it violated the voters’ rights and state and federal law.

Why We Sued

For 17 years the City of Reno approved one billboard after another, despite a vote of the people to ban new construction. After a while, we felt we had no choice. We sued the city to get the vote enforced.

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History of the Struggle Against Billboards in Reno

The lawsuit was the culmination of more than a dozen years of struggle between Reno City Council, residents, and the outdoor advertising industry regarding billboard placements in the city.

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Scenic Nevada is proud to provide access to the legal documents that tell the story of this landmark case.

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