Scenic Nevada Issues: Billboards

A community’s history, culture, geography, and scenic qualities often form the backbone of civic pride. More and more, however, our communities and major highways look exactly the same, and billboards are one of the major culprits.

Billboards and other signs blot out communities’ natural beauty and architecture, assets that should be highlighted, not hidden behind ugly billboards.

Communities don’t have to live with billboard blight. Across the country, citizens and local officials have worked together to fight the billboard industry and protect their communities.

It’s worth fighting for. Scenic beauty is good for business. In fact studies have repeatedly shown that scenic areas and beautiful communities are the places where people most want to live, work, and visit.

We are dedicated to reducing the visual impacts of billboards. Since our formation in 2000, we have worked to reduce the number, height, size, and placement of signs throughout Nevada using the following strategies:

  • Work to ban new billboard construction
  • Advocate for moratoriums until bans are in place
  • Educate public officials on the economic, aesthetic and social costs of billboards
  • Promote use of Tourist Directional Signs on highways
  • Participate in community meetings to advocate for strong sign controls
  • Spread our message through email alerts and local broadcast and print media interviews on the benefits of strong sign controls
  • Partner with local groups to provide lecture series on protecting public spaces from the visual blight of billboards and other signs