Scenic America President Appointed to Route 66 Centennial Commission

On Wednesday, December 28, President Joe Biden announced his intentions to appoint twelve people to the Route 66 Centennial Commission, including Scenic America President Mark Falzone.

Congress established the Route 66 Centennial Commission to study and recommend activities to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Mother Road of the United States, Route 66, in 2026. The Commission will explore activities like ceremonies and celebrations, the production and publication of media or other materials, and the issuance of commemorative items.

“I am honored to be selected to serve on this commission as we prepare to mark the centennial of one of our nation’s most iconic roadways. As the nation’s leading advocate for scenic byways, Scenic America recognizes that Route 66 is truly a symbol of America. More than just a roadway, it’s a national treasure that we should preserve, protect, and celebrate, along with the communities and landscapes located along the route.”

The full list of committee members can be viewed here.