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Jacobs Seeks Dismissal of Neon Line Lawsuit

Scenic Nevada is awaiting a district court judge’s decision on whether its lawsuit to void a development agreement between Jacobs Entertainment and the city will move forward or be dismissed. Jacobs filed a motion on February 3 to have our case dismissed, trying to eliminate the chance for Scenic Nevada to present its arguments to…

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Placemaking Spotlight: Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

Illinois Sister Cities Draw Students and Culture Fans to Central Illinois While Illinois may be best known for the bustling city of Chicago, another must-see community with rich history and contemporary appeal sits about 130 miles to the south. Champaign and its sister city, Urbana, are home to the University of Illinois, or simply U…

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Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Photo by James Robertson, courtesy of Flickr
Placemaking Spotlight: New Paltz, New York

The university town sustains its beautiful landscapes and unique character Located on the southeastern tip of Ulster County, New York, lies a quaint university town called New Paltz, with a small population of just over 7,000 people. Although mostly known for its vibrant SUNY New Paltz student population, residents of all ages appreciate the ample…

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The Best Scenic Byways for Winter Adventures

The winter months can be the best time to enjoy the landscape around us, but can also be difficult to enjoy when unsure what to do.   To help with this, Scenic America created this list of wonderful spots to explore to help you get the best out of this chilly season. 1. Grand Mesa Scenic…

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sally oldham image
Scenic Heroes: Sally Oldham

From Art History to Transportation Policy, Oldham Shapes Scenic History Over the course of her career, former Scenic America President Sally Oldham has worn many hats.  While somewhat diverse in nature, Sally’s professional accomplishments and personal interests in historic preservation, scenic conservation, and transportation planning are, in fact, knitted closely together with common threads. She…

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Neon Line Agreement Slips in Billboards

Development agreements are regulated in state law and city codes to allow the city to work with a developer differently than normal, providing an alternative to regular approval mechanisms in return for specified benefits to the city. In this one, we think the entire Reno sign code was waived without providing any benefits to the…

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JC DeCeaux bus shelter demo
Victory for Scenic Los Angeles: Department of Public Works Postpones Bus Shelter Program

A plan to install hundreds of digital signs on Los Angeles bus shelters was postponed on December 15 by the Los Angeles Department of Public Works. The Coalition for a Scenic Los Angeles was the first group to organize against the Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program (STAP), which planned to award a contract to a…

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Scenic Hero: Kathryn Welch Howe

Developing Cities with Scenery and Substance If not for Kathryn Welch Howe, New York’s glorious and iconic Grand Central Terminal might be a thing of the past. Worn down by decades of overuse and underinvestment, the storied transportation hub had fallen into extreme disrepair by the 1980s. Offered the chance to propose a plan for…

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Placemaking Spotlight: Olympia, Washington

This coastal capital with blue-collar roots has its sights set on a green future The southernmost city on the Puget Sound, Olympia is best known nationally as the capital of Washington State. For the people who call Olympia home, however, the gleaming dome and legislative hub take a backseat to the town’s other distinguishing qualities,…

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Lawsuit Filed to Void Neon Line District Development Agreement

Scenic Nevada filed a lawsuit against the city of Reno recently to halt three large signs from being erected to advertise the new Neon Line District in the west end of downtown and along the freeway. A majority of the Reno City Council gave their approval for the signs in October when they adopted a…

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